This is Our Classroom–Will You Show Us Yours?

The students planned, narrated and filmed this video to show our classroom to you. Each student chose the part of the classroom (or hallway) that he or she thought was important and wanted to talk about. We made one video and then the students decided that they could have done it better, so we tried again. This is our second try, and the students felt they had done it well enough to put online.

The students really wanted to show off their own classroom, but more importantly, they hoped that other classes would also make a video so that we could see their classroom.

Now that you have seen our classroom…will you show us yours?

15 thoughts on “This is Our Classroom–Will You Show Us Yours?

  1. You all did an amazing job showing your classroom. It looks like a great place to learn!

    Mrs. Morgan’s Class
    Fort Worth, Texas

  2. I love your classroom. What a cool way to store your iPads. You are such blessed kids to be able to learn in that room from your awesome teacher! I teach 4th and 5th. Keep working hard kids!

  3. Your classroom looks really fun! We like your classroom a lot. We loved the video you made. It looks like you have two rooms. You are lucky you have a couch and a space station!

    We’re curious about how you made the video. We’re thinking about how we can share a peek into our classroom!

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  5. I love your classroom. Your students did a remarkable job sharing their classroom with us. I will see if our class can make a video too and get back with you if we do!

  6. Thank you for sharing a peek inside your classroom. We are running a similar project about what we see outside our window. Please look at our posts and maybe you can create a video or book about what you see outside and we will do our best to create a video about inside our classroom.
    Angie Harrison
    Kindergarten teacher

  7. Great video Mrs. Cassidy’s class. We like how you put most of the kids in your class in your video. We wondered if Mrs. Cassidy did the filming but then we realized that you did all the filming. Well done. Your chime was cool. We have a chime too but it is a different chime. We use it for calm breathing. We will work on a video to share with your class too. Just give us a bit of time as we are still finishing our winter scenes video. We will let you know when we put it on our blog. From Division 18

  8. Hi Mrs Cassidy’s class,
    I really enjoyed watching you sharing all the important spaces in your classroom. It was a great idea to each stand around the room and give more information about how each space is used. The film crew did also did a great job holding the camera steady (or did you use an iPad?).
    I live in Australia and we are still on our summer holiday break, but we only have a few more days until school starts again. In fact, I will get to meet my new class next Wednesday. I would love to film our room to share with you because although there are some similarities there are also quite a few differences! I will let you know when we get a chance to do some filming. Have you got any hints that you think I could pass onto my new year 2 class to help them do a great job?
    From Ms Dowling

    • Thank you for commenting. When we made our video, we found out that we had to speak loudly and no one could talk unless it was their turn. We hope you make a video for us to see. We used an iPad.

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