Two Skype Calls

We “chatted” via Skype with two different classes this week. The first was with Mrs. Elder’s grade one/two class in Coronach. We chatted to find out what strategies the other class had used to solve the problems we gave them and to tell them how we solved the one they gave us.

Skype with Ms Elder's Class

The second call was with Ms. Lirenman’s class in Surrey, B. C. Four of my students and four of hers acted out their Halloween costumes for the other class to guess. Then, each class got to ask two questions about things that they wondered about the other class.

Skype with Ms Lirenman's Class

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  1. The students seem so intrigued and focused! I applaud you for implementing technology in your classroom in a way that is so meaningful for your students. Did you know that you are not just using technology to do things differently? Instead, you are using technology to do different things. I am not sure if you know what I mean exactly. I am currently a Masters student at Walden University specializing in integrating technology in the classroom. I just learned about the difference between “doing things differently” and “doing different things. Turns out, doing things differently deals with the outcome of the activity remaining the same. An example of this is using technology to write notes on a Power Point instead of on the white board. At the end of the day, a teacher is just doing things differently. Instead of writing on the white board, technology is being used to show the same information just on a Power Point. However, with doing different things, teachers and students are taking part in activities that they have not be able to do before. An example of this is what you have been doing! You are not just making students type up a paper instead of writing out a paper by hand. Instead, you are enlightening them with the real time ability to collaborate with other students from another classroom. This was never possible before! This is a form of utilizing technology that is beneficial for students.

    I really enjoy reading about how you are implementing technology in your classroom!

    • Thanks, Juliette! I appreciate your interest in what we are doing. I actually did know that I was doing things differently, but don’t know if I could have explained it as well as you have.
      Good luck with your studies.

      • Thank you! Is this the first year that your students are experiencing this virtual world of communication? What was your experience with getting your students prepared to interact? Did you model for them what they will be doing? During my Student Teaching experience, I did not have much luck with working with a teacher that incorporated technology in her lessons. My mission as a teacher is to make my lessons as hands-on and realistic as possible. I like my students to feel like they are role-playing a particular job and the teach portion of my lessons are their job training. My goal is to implement other technology resources that demonstrate “doing different things” into lessons to enrich student’s learning.

        • No, I’ve been using blogging and Skype with my students for about eight years. Before we Skype, we ALWAYS talk about manners, not waving inappropriately to be seen, etc. We always have a purpose in mind before we start.

  2. Hi Mrs. Cassidy’s class. We liked skyping with your class. We learned that many of you live in houses but none of you live in townhouses. Roc is curious to know what kind of math problem you had to solve from the other class. We want to know what your classroom looks like. From Division 18

    • Roc, here is the math problem we had to solve. What pattern could you make with three erasers, six pencils and twelve pens? Let us know if you can solve it.
      Next week, we will make a video to show you what our classroom looks like.

  3. Hi Ms. Cassidy and class!

    I am an education student at the University of Regina and have had your blog recommended to me in a couple of my classes. I think it is awesome what you are doing with your blog. The kids seem so engaged. The students are so lucky to have this experience in their education something I definitely didn’t have in my schooling experience. Great work!

  4. Hi, I too am an education student from the University of Regina. I really liked the idea of Skyping other classes within Canada. It would be a neat experience to Skype with classes out of Country too! (If the time zones permitted). I also liked how you have your twitter feed linked to your blog! Neat ideas!

  5. Hi Ms, Cassidy and Class!

    I am a University of Regina Education Student and I have been recomended to view your blog by a few of my classmates. I really enjoy it! I love how you gave each student their own “blog” so they can display their work and show what thy are learning. They all seem so engaged!
    Thanks for giving me some ideas for when I have my own classroom in the future.

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  7. Hello 😀
    I’m an English teacher from Kuwait … I reallly loove the idea of using Skype GREAT JOB ..i’d love to use it in my classroom .. Which grade is that ? 1st ? Cuz i’m teaching 2nd G and i want them to interact with other students from outside the country 🙂 Thanks

    • Yes, I have a grade one/two split class this year. Skype works well with young children because writing well is not necessary. Try it, you’ll love it!

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