Our First Day


Our first day of school was a busy one, but since the grade one students had been looking longingly at the iPads since they arrived in the classroom, we did take some time to get acquainted with these new tools. The grade two students were excellent teachers, passing on their knowledge to the younger students.
We’re looking forward to seeing how these captivating devices can help us to learn.

5 thoughts on “Our First Day

  1. I just found your classroom blog site today and I am very impressed! As a fellow teacher currently working on ways to use web tools in the classroom, I find your use of technology amazing and I am very impressed with all of the students’ posts. I wish you a great year with your new iPads.

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  3. I have never taught such a young age, I was always told while I was in college aim for the more independent children 8th and above. Never thought about using older students to introduce the school. i will use this in August for my ninth graders.

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