Creepy Characters!

Just look at the strange children that showed up in my classroom on Halloween! We had a lot of fun learning about counting by 10’s as we counted the seeds in our pumpkins with ten frames.





Run, Run, Run

Getting lots of physical exercise is so important for young children. It helps them to focus and to do better in all the academic things we do at school. These photos are from a recent game of sit tag that we played in the gym.



When I Grow Up

As part of education week, we talked about some of the things students could be when they grew up and chatted on Skype with a nurse. Some of the students chose to dress up as the person they wanted to be “when they are big”.
A lot of the students were willing to share their future goals in the photos below.





Sneaky Reading

As we read Lauren Castillo’s book The Reader this week, it made us think of the places we read. Sometimes, we do “sneaky reading” when no one sees us. Here are some kids that I caught trying to be sneaky in their reading this week. Let me know if you see anyone doing some sneaky reading at home!





You can see all of our tweets about sneaky reading here.



When we were reading Lauren Castillo’s book The Troublemaker this week, we talked a lot about troublemakers and especially about people we knew who were troublemakers and whether we ourselves were. Siblings were often blamed, but most of the students admitted that sometimes they were indeed a troublemaker themselves.
Later, the students tweeted about who they thought were the biggest troublemakers so that other people could see the connections they made to the book. You can see each students’ tweet below.

The Global Read Aloud

Our class is participating in the Global Read Aloud. Together with thousands of other students around the world, we are reading five books by Lauren Castillo. When we talked to three classes of students in Illinois today, we not only discussed our favourite parts of the book The Troublemaker, we also found out that they are ahead of us in time! How cool is that?


Meeting a Class in Surrey

This morning we met a class of students in Surrey via Skype. We had lots of questions for them as did they for us. We discovered a lot of ways their class is like ours and some ways that it is very different. The students loved this opportunity to see into another classroom. As soon as the call was over I had to field a chorus of “Can we do that again”? Of course we can!


Orange Day

In recognition of the wrongs of the residential schools, our school participated in Orange Shirt Day. The colour orange was chosen because of one child’s experiences. All of the students wore an orange ribbon and got to watch a tipi raising and some First Nations drummers and dancers.






Terry Fox Run

Terry Fox is a Canadian hero. Even though he had lost one of his legs to cancer, he tried to run across Canada to raise money for cancer research. Sadly, he lost his battle with cancer before he could complete his run. Every year, Canadians run for Terry. Below are some of the students at the run. The photo was taken by Kristina Seiriene.