Math Games

Playing games is such a great way to learn math concepts. Here are pictures from a couple of games we have played recently. Ask your child to explain how we play these games…




Pink Day

Our school celebrated Pink Day with a visit from Spencer Moore, a member of the Roughriders. He talked to us about bullying. We also got to see his Grey Cup ring!


Tweeting With Elise Gravel

We have a lot of Elise Gravel books in our classroom, and the students love them.

Yesterday, we used Elise Gravel’s book I Want a Monster to help us to draw monsters. The students were so pleased with their results that they wished they could show them to her. Because I know that Elise Gravel is on Twitter, I suggested that the students tweet her their pictures. So we did.

And to the student’s delight, right at the end of our school day, she tweeted every one of the students back! “Best end of the day ever” they all said.


The children are having a blast skating! I’ve been impressed by how hard they are trying and by how uncomplaining they are about sore feet and falling down. Just look at these smiles.