Getting to Know the Interesting Things in the Classroom

We’ve been so busy that it has been hard to find time to take pictures! Just a few images from this week…

Playing with Lego


Investigating the iPads


Having fun with the small metal cones (they’re for using on jingle dresses that First Nations people wear).


2 thoughts on “Getting to Know the Interesting Things in the Classroom

  1. Hello, my name is Jessica and I am a teacher candidate in New York. What a great blog! The title of this post really jumped out at me. All students should be able to explore their new classroom during the first few days of school, especially the young learners. The more acquainted they are, the more comfortable they are to learn. We are currently learning at my university what a classroom looks and sounds like that makes it a comfortable learning environment. I like that the pictures show the students simply exploring and having fun, but knowing that all of the shown materials can be used for educational concepts as well. I was also happy to see you have iPads in your classroom! What do you like to use iPads for in your classroom? Is it a class set or are they shared among the school? Thanks for sharing! Have a great year!

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