Finding Answers

Both the grade ones and the grade twos had lots of questions about our current health unit, so we talked to a nurse via Skype to get some answers. The grade ones asked questions about their heart, brains and lungs


and the grade twos had questions about diseases.


5 thoughts on “Finding Answers

  1. Ms. Cassidy,

    I’m currently in my student teaching at the University of Maryland and I absolutely LOVE how you incorporated technology into your classroom! Wow, skyping with a nurse, how cool! Definitely keeping that in mind for when I have my own classroom!

    -Brianna Jasion

  2. Ms. Cassidy,

    I am currently a student at the University of Regina and I really appreciated your blog. It is so evident the amount of work you put into your blog. Not only for yourself but also for your students. It is really nice to see teachers incorporating technology into the classroom at the levels that you are because sometimes at University it can be challenging to imagine technology in certain areas.

    Thanks again,

    Brendon Fornwald

  3. Ms. Cassidy,
    We had to find a teacher’s blog for one of my education classes, find something to ask a question on, and comment on it. I really enjoy your blog, and how you got your students to actually talk to the nurse via skype. How was the behavior of the students during the chat. Were the anxious, or was it easy to control their behavior. Also, if you had behavioral issues, how did you manage that without having the students who are engaged loose focus or interest in the conversation?
    Thank you so much for all of your help, and your amazing blog.
    Have a good night,
    Mallory Meyers

    • Hi Mallory,
      My students were not anxious at all during the call. They were asking questions that were their own, so engagement was high. I have occasionally had behaviour issues in the past during Skype calls and I deal with those the same way I deal with all behaviour issues. I remind the student of appropriate behaviour and if the behaviour continues, that student has to move to another area of the classroom so that the rest of the class can continue to learn.
      Good luck with your studies!

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